The image: Apple fanatics can get a blurry look at Apple's futuristic headquarters-to-be from a video of Steve Jobs presenting plans for the new campus before the Cupertino City Council in June. Now, Cupertino has released detailed plans for the project, providing "glorious images of Apple's new spaceship headquarters." The single, ring-shaped building will hold 12,000 people within curved glass walls. Most of the parking will be underground to preserve the 175-acre lot for landscaping. The four-story building, designed by superstar British architect Norman Foster, will total 2.8 million square feet, including an auditorium and fitness center. (Have a look below and here.) Does it look like a cool work environment, or just a creepy one?

The reaction: This is "sure to be the coolest office building ever," says MG Siegler at TechCrunch. Well, it certainly "could inspire the making of the next Spielberg sci-fi movie," says Surojit Chatterjee in the International Business Times. Yeah, it does look like "it could lodge an army of E.T.s," says Suzanne LaBarre at Co.Design. It's pretty "damn creepy... like the compound of a cult leader. (Which is really what it is, come to think of it!)"