The video: Who's after Nucky? If the "menacing" new teaser for season two of Boardwalk Empire is any indication, everybody. HBO's Emmy-nominated drama returns Sept. 25, and an ominous 90-second video gives a taste of what's to come. (Watch the teaser below.) Steve Buscemi's corrupt politician Nucky walks down the Atlantic City boardwalk, his paranoid gaze locking onto each of the series' other major players. Tense music bubbles up as familiar faces — including his brother, former girlfriend, and Al Capone — shoot Nucky sideways glances and shout his name. The foreboding teaser closes as Nucky realizes the haunting episode was just a daydream —before one final mysterious off-screen voice chillingly whispers his name. 

The reaction: This is a "fantastic piece of mood-setting," says Rick Porter at Zap2it. Even though this isn't actual footage from the upcoming season, says Ethan Anderton at Collider, it's a tantalizing "taste of what's to come." Especially that final kicker: Who's whispering Nucky's name at the end? Regardless, it looks like Nucky will find himself encountering danger from all sides, says Emma Fraser at TV Overmind. "Even from those who he should be able to count on." Check it out: