The video: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Once hailed as "one of the most promising actresses of her generation," Linday Lohan has, of course, become a troubled tabloid fixture in recent years, as her acting career has been pushed aside by rehab stints and nights out with Paris Hilton. But during a grueling 35-day house arrest at her beachfront home in Venice Beach, Calif., earlier this year (for stealing a necklace and violating the terms of her probation), Lohan did manage to get some work in. She taped two "pathetic" commercials for Air New Zealand, wherein a brash puppet named Rico chats with her about her friendship with Kim Kardashian and her love of jewelry (wink). Watch one of the commercials below. 

The reaction: "Lindsay! Ah! We want to support you fully, but you're making it so hard," says Josh Duboff at Yahoo, especially with this "humiliating" video. Yeah, "someone cast this woman in a movie soon, please?" says Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky. "This is getting embarrassing." Seriously, what fresh low is next, an "all-marionette revival of Cats"? says Maureen O'Connor at Gawker. "LiLo will play a grizzled old catnip addict named Snottlebee, who falls in love with Mistah Bonediggity, a rakish tap dancing alley cat." See the spot for yourself: