The video: George Lucas, the mastermind behind both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sagas, spent decades shepherding the story of the Tuskegee Airmen — the first team of African American fighter pilots to fly in World War II combat — to the big screen. Now a trailer for Red Tails, which stars Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, has arrived (view clip below), ahead of its January 20 release date. Lucas serves as executive producer and story writer on the film, an extremely rare project outside of his Star Wars and Indy franchises. Will the war epic measure up?

The reaction: The trailer is inevitably "kinetic," says Christian Blauvelt at Entertainment Weekly, but it looks like there may be one too many "Stanley Kramer-style monologues" in the film, and some "major speechifying" from star Terrence Howard. Still, says Terri Schwartz at MTV, "it's been a while" since a war movie previewed "such impressive aerial scenes." And if the film takes off, says Lauren Schutte at The Hollywood Reporter, it could mark a "comeback of sorts" for Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding, Jr., whose post-Academy Award career has left much to be desired. Judge for yourself: