The video: How does Peter Berg, the creator of the small, critically beloved, high school-football TV drama Friday Night Lights, follow up that quiet success? By directing a bloated, $200 million sci-fi blockbuster based on a board game, of course. Loosely based, that is: The trailer for his upcoming film, Battleship, released Wednesday, does not feature little plastic pegs or the sinking of wee toy boats. (Watch it below.) Liam Neeson, Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch, and True Blood's Alexander Skarsgaard are naval officers whose vessel comes under attack by deadly aliens on a Star Trek-esque spaceship. Supermodel Brooklyn Decker and pop superstar Rihanna are also on board Battleship, which invades theaters in April 2012.

The reaction: From the looks of it, says James White at Empire, Battleship promises to be "big, silly, full of explosions and lots of people shouting." In its defense, "it's really not trying to be anything more than that." Please, says Gregory Imler at E! Online. Deadly aliens fixated on ships? Eye-candy like Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna? "This seems like a "Transformers-meets-Armageddon-meets-beer-commercial fiasco." Ugh, says Richard Lawson at Gawker. "Please sink this Battleship." Judge for yourself: