Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones, surprised the markets on Monday by laying off about 2,000 workers. The record cuts, RIM's first in a decade, are in response to the huge and growing consumer rush to Apple's iPhone, as well as smartphones running Google's Android. RIM is banking on a new generation of BlackBerry mobile devices with a new operating system, rolling out sometime next year, to rescue the brand. In the meantime, a by-the-numbers look at BlackBerry's struggles:

Percentage of its workforce that RIM is laying off

Number of workers left at RIM, after the 2,000 layoffs

Number of chief executives still running RIM, alongside 2 newly elevated chief operating officers

Percentage raise each CEO received last year, to $5.1 million in stock and base pay

Percentage drop in RIM's share price over the past year

BlackBerry's current share of the smartphone market, in percent

BlackBerry's market share a year ago, in percent

BlackBerry's ranking in the smartphone market, after Apple's iOS and Google's Android

BlackBerry's ranking in the broader cellphone market

13.2 million 
Number of BlackBerrys sold in the quarter ending May 28

20.3 million 
Number of iPhones sold in the last quarter

Number of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets RIM shipped last quarter

9.25 million
Number of Apple iPad 2 tablets sold last quarter

The iPad's tablet market share, in percent, in the finance sector, a former RIM stronghold

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