The image: It's a bird! It's a poster! It's an animation! It's all three, actually. The first promotion for The Hunger Games movie, based on the widely devoured novel, has hit online, and it's no mere movie poster. It's a motion poster (view below). The image depicts the book's iconic Mockingjay pin audibly crackling with flames that just keep burning on a digital loop. In the novel, tough-as-nails protagonist Katniss wears the pin as she fights to be the last teen standing in a demented, government-run TV competition. The film will be released March 23, 2012.

The reaction: "Gorgeous," says Germain Lussier at Slash Film. By literally branding the film, "Lionsgate obviously hopes The Hunger Games will be their version of Summit's Twilight or Warner Brother's Harry Potter," a possibility, considering the bleak novel's millions of fans. Well, "if The Hunger Games truly wants to be the next It franchise, it has some big shoes to fill," says Team Truth at E! Online. But, with this "fierce new promotional poster," it's clearly "already trying to separate itself from the pack." Judge for yourself: