The video: In May, the U.S. sent eight precisely tanned ambassadors to Italy to spread our customs and represent our society. Or, as one member of the group says in newly released footage, "J-Woww and her boobies are going to Italy!" That's right. The trailer for Jersey Shore's hotly anticipated season in Italy is here (view it below), offering a peek at the havoc wreaked by Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the gang during their European vacation. Judging from this clip, there will be no shortage of partying, brawling, "smushing," and "awesomely grotesque" drama to keep fans of MTV's highest-rated reality series entertained. Season 4 premieres on Aug. 4.

The reaction: "Italy is totally going to need a shower after Snooki and her pals get through it," says John Sellers at The Wrap. But after a particularly "safe" third season with little conflict or drama, says Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly, it looks like the cast's Italy sojourn thrusts them "into lawless chaos and emotional cataclysm," which is all anyone wants from our Guidos and Guidettes, really. Have a look, if you dare: