The video: Rebecca Black reached pop culture ubiquity in March when the music video for the 14-year-old's song "Friday" became a viral sensation, quickly accruing as many YouTube views as clips by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. It was an especially impressive feat considering the general critical consensus was that "Friday" could be considered "the worst song of all time." Sample lyric: "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday / Today i-is Friday, Friday (partyin')." Now Black is back with a follow-up single. Titled "My Moment," it's a song about empowerment that takes on all the "haters" who derided Black for "Friday." (Watch the video below.) Will it be another hit, or was Black's "moment" up 15 minutes ago?

The reaction: "My Moment" takes "the embrace of the no-publicity-is-bad-publicity philosophy to brave new heights," says Spencer Kornhaber at The Atlantic. Unlike other "punchline internet sensations" like William Hung, Black defends her fame as something she's earned. Unfortunately for Black, says Kelly Lynch at Socialite Life, "My Moment" is "generic and predictable and self-indulgent." Not so fast, says Adrian Chen at Gawker. The song is actually an "inoffensive, mildly catchy rehash of a dozen Justin Bieber songs." In other words, it could be just the track to help Black break into the mainstream and leave "Friday" behind, "once and for all." Check it out: