The video: Bioshock Infinite, the upcoming third release in the popular Bioshock game series, made a huge splash at the E3 Expo video-game conference last month. A presentation previewing Infinite, a first-person shooter game that takes place during a civil war on the floating city of Columbia, floored convention attendees, picking up four prestigious awards including Best in Show. The game won't be available until 2012, but a "riveting" 15-minute demo reel has hit the web (view below), eliciting a tidal wave of excitement from gamers and critics who rave that Bioshock Infinite encapsulates the "best of what modern video games has to offer."

The reaction: Bioshock Infinite is literally game-changing, says Russ Frushtick at MTV. It's "visually unique" and introduces "gameplay elements no one has ever seen before." Anyone who's seen the demo can attest that "words don't do it justice." It's certainly ambitious, says Evan Narcisse at IFC. Transcending standard shoot-em-up action, the game tackles class warfare and alternate histories. The gamemakers clearly "hope to impart a sense of curdled idealism" behind the the game's conflict. With so many elements, we'll see if BioShock Infinite "manages to pull all of this together." Preview the game for yourself: