The video: The competition for prom queen is growing more complex now that male teens are campaigning for the traditionally female crown. Just weeks after the Glee character Kurt Hummel was "humiliated" to win the title at the fictional McKinley High, Jake Boyer, a Blacksburg, Va., high school student, vied for the same accolade as a "social experiment" and won. (Watch a local news report, below.) Boyer said his prom queen victory reflected acceptance and an open-minded attitude among his classmates: "This experience just gave me hope for the future."

The reaction: This is not only one of America's great stories, but it's also "how you change the world," says Jeanne Sager at The Stir. Sure, it's good news, but like prom queens before him, Boyer will soon realize that it all goes downhill after that crown, says Seth Abramovitch at Gawker. How long before he's chauffeuring a minivan full of screaming kids around town? See a news report about Boyer: