The video: On Sunday's 60 Minutes, one of Lance Armstrong's former teammates charged that the seven-time Tour de France winner was "a cheat and a liar" who exploited performance-enhancing drugs. (See video below.) Tyler Hamilton said he witnessed the cancer-surviving cycling icon use testosterone and the blood-boosting drug erythropoietin (EPO), and get a blood transfusion. Among Hamilton's other allegations: That the whole team doped; that Armstrong was a ring-leader; that, when Armstrong failed a drug test in 2001, cycling authorities covered up the results. While Armstrong declined to appear on the "60 Minutes" episode, his reps slammed the network's "unpardonable zeal to smear" the cyclist and branded Hamilton "a confessed liar in search of a book deal."

The reaction: This may be a major turning point for Armstrong, says Dashiell Bennett at Business Insider. He "just got eviscerated by 60 Minutes," and, after such "damning" allegations, his credibility "grows weaker every day, and his angry denials aren't going to change that." That may be, but the "real loser in all of this remains the sport of cycling itself," says Rob Sylvester at NBC Sports. The only time cycling gets attention these days is "when one ex-athlete accuses another ex-athlete" of doping. Watch the 60 Minutes report: