The song: Who knew Twilight's pulchritudinous vampire Robert Pattinson could sing as well as he bites? A newly released recording of a 2010 performance at a small London nightclub captures R-Pat performing an original love song. (Listen to the audio below.) Before settling in with his guitar, Pattinson sheepishly tells the audience, "I don't know what to say. I haven't played in a long time." Then, strumming softly, he belts out some "very emotional lyrics" in a voice that's "reminiscent of singer-songwriters like Ray LaMontagne." Though the ballad is officially untitled, fan sites are calling it "It's All on You" — and many assume it's devoted to his co-star and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart.
The reaction: Is there anything this guy can't do, ask Ted Casablanca and Aly Weisman at The Awful Truth. "What's next, the Robert Pattinson dance video?" Pattinson just got a whole lot dreamier, says Cristin Maher at PopCrush. This is "the first time we are hearing this raw, unbridled emotion" from him. His voice cracks a few times, but he can definitely hit the big notes. "We’re sure this won’t be the last song you hear from Robert Pattinson." Hear it for yourself: