In the box-office battle between Norse superheroes and a gang of women clad in fuschia taffeta, the numbers don't necessarily tell the whole story, says Richard Corliss at TIME. Sure, Thor pulled in more at the box office this weekend ($34.5 million) than Bridesmaids ($24.4 million), but the wedding party comedy had the "last laugh." Bridesmaids nearly doubled what its studio had "cautiously" predicted. Now, many in Hollywood are cheering the success of the raunchy, R-rated female comedy, while others wonder whether a movie that's just as bawdy as a male-centered flick really counts as female advancement. Hey, let's calm down and just embrace the success of this gross-out comedy's fart-joke feminism, says Corliss. Here, an excerpt:

Movies are movies, and sexual politics isn't. Martin Luther King didn't die so Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry could play fat black women. And it's just possible that Gloria Steinem could laugh at, and with, Bridesmaids (which, if you want to blame someone with a penis, was directed by Paul Feig). Moviegoers deserve — at least the box-office returns clearly indicate they enjoy — gross-out comedies aimed at two or more sexual orientations. Instead of The Hangover, why not The Hag-over? Just for a while, let's say bye-bye, bromance; hello, womance.

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