The story: "Angry Birds" is so addictively popular that fans might think it's impossible to improve. Not Rafael Mizrahi and Anat Sambol, from the Feng-GUI group of "artificial vision scientists and interactive designers." Using an Emotiv EPOC headset, a program called GlovePie, and a little hacking elbow grease, they figured out how to play the game on their laptop using only mind control. (Watch Mizrahi play handlessly below)
The reaction: If you think "flinging birds at pigs with your mind" sounds way more fun than using your fingers, this "mind-blowing" hack is for you, says James Mulroy in PCWorld. "Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these headsets," but be warned, they're not cheap. And you probably don't have the "huge amount of experience in hacking software" needed to replicate Mizrahi and Sambol's handy work, says Ali Plumb in Asylum. But if you find the standard game's "pigs too killable, the birds too easily flung," it's a worthwhile challenge. Alternatively, says The Daily What, you could just wait "until Apple comes out with the iBrain."