The video: The cultural phenomenon that is Jersey Shore has officially crossed the pond. Geordie Shore, which premieres on MTV UK next month, swaps out Italian "guidos" with tanned, alcohol-loving lads and lasses from Newcastle in northeastern England. ("Geordie" is a regional nickname.) In a preview for the show (see the video below), which mimics Jersey Shore's low-fi opening sequence, viewers get a brief introduction to the show's eight colorful characters. There's Jay, a Situation wannabe, who says, "My biggest fear is getting wrinkles." There's Charlotte-Letitia, who, warns, Snooki-like, "I would never kiss anyone without a six-pack." And there's large-chested Holly, who boasts, "I'm fit, I'm flirty, and I've got double F's."
The reaction:
"It's amazing how similar the cast looks to our homegrown ladies and gorillas," says Melissa Maerz at the Los Angeles Times. Just like with the Jersey Shore crew, it's easy to imagine them all, men and women alike, flashing their boobs, although somehow "dancing with your top off is so much classier when you do it with a British accent." Somehow, the magic of Jersey Shore gets lost in translation, says Brian Moylan at Gawker. Instead of ripping off the American original,  the British show should have found its own shtick by featuring "soccer hooligans or some other species indigenous" to the U.K.  "Just like you can't make soccer happen in the U.S., you can't make guidos happen in the U.K." See the preview for yourself: