The video: In April, actress Anna Faris, the underused, underrated star of The House Bunny and Scary Movie, was the subject of a lengthy New Yorker feature exploring the lack of good, truly funny roles for comedic actresses. The article devoted ample space to one of Faris' upcoming movies, What's Your Number?, with the promise that it would supposedly subvert romantic comedy norms with a leading lady who was allowed to do more than just totter in high heels and make funny faces at her cat for laughs. Now, a trailer for that film is out (Watch it below), and commentators are debating whether Faris has at last been allowed to be funny like a man.
The reaction: The trailer does feel "admirably" new, says Amos Barshad at New York. "Faris comes off as truly odd; not cutesy and appropriately eccentric, but fully weird in an occasionally unsettling way." And "more important: This thing is actually funny!" Calm down, "the trailer looks fairly generic," says Angie Han at Slash Film. But, given Faris and the rest of the cast, it does have the potential to be a "romcom done right." Yeah, this "movie looks so outrageously predictable that I could tell you what happens and it wouldn't be a spoiler alert," says Emily Cheever at Ology. It's too bad, becase Faris is "one of the most underrated comediennes of our time," and "she's never afraid to seem unattractive to sell the laugh." Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.