The video: The pop-parody feud heard round the world is over, now that Lady Gaga has officially granted Weird Al Yankovic permission to parody her song "Born This Way." (Listen to Weird Al's version below). The "Gaga Saga," made public by Yankovic on his blog, boiled down to some finger pointing and apparent miscommunication. Yankovic doesn't technically need permission to spoof a song, and in the past, a Weird Al takeoff has been regarded as an honor by music greats from Madonna to Michael Jackson. So when Gaga's camp took offense, Yankovic lambasted her, and posted an unofficial version of his song, "Perform This Way," on YouTube. The pop diva countered by saying she hadn't actually heard the song before, and in one fell swoop gave the song, and subsequently, his album, her blessing.
The reaction: It's understandable that Yankovic was so mystified by Gaga's protestations, says Margaret Wappler at the Los Angeles Times. The lyrics are "pretty tame and silly;" his rendition of Michael Jackson's "Bad" probably "had more fang than this." At least we can all move on, says Jen Chaney at The Washington Post. Now that Lady Gaga apparently loves the song, "all is right in music mockery land." Give "Perform This Way" a listen: