The image: Dating service OkCupid recently posted a series of sex-related charts based on data gleaned from its users. While a couple of the infographics might have made some readers blush, one chart in particular is raising eyebrows — it shows that people who use Twitter every day have shorter relationships than others, if only by a month or so. (See the charts below.) The reasons for the findings aren't clear, says Christian Rudder of OkCupid. "Unfortunately, we have no way to tell who's dumping who here; whether the twitterati are more annoying or just more flighty than everyone else."
The reaction: The information in these charts "could fill novels, and probably should," says Jen Doll at The Village Voice. I wonder what the cause of these breakups is, says Megan Gibson at TIME. "Too much time live-tweeting your dates, perhaps?" And don't forget, the survey finds that frequent tweeters "engage in almost double the amount of, er, self-loving" as non-tweeters. "Here's hoping no one's live-tweeting that." See for yourself (courtesy OkCupid):