The video: Can't wait until the Royal Wedding? Perhaps Lifetime's upcoming dramatization of Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance — airing April 18 — will slake your thirst. "William & Kate: Let Love Rule" covers the royal couple's relationship from their early courtship as undergraduates at St. Andrew's University in Scotland to the young prince's 2010 proposal. British actress Camilla Luddington stars as Middleton, while New Zealander Nico Evers-Swindell portrays Prince William. The closest thing to a name actor is Ben Cross (Prince Charles), the lead in 1981's Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire.
The reaction: Judging from this trailer, says Michael Holden at Reuters, this movie seems "unashamedly aimed at satisfying an American fantasy version of the British royal family," with plotting straight out of a "cheesy" Disney movie. What's more, says The Sun, "Prince William looks more red-blooded than blue-blooded" in sequences depicting the "romping" royal couple's "early passion." Yes, it's "cheesy as hell," say the Daily Mirror's 3am Girls, and "probably bears very little resemblance to reality." But we can't wait to watch it. Take a peek: