The video: In an elaborate fake movie trailer, the comic crew Rooster Teeth imagines what a big-screen version of the wildly popular iPhone game "Angry Birds" would look like. For maximum satirical impact, the spoofers pretend the film is shot by Michael Bay — the Transformers director best known for spectacular explosions and even more spectacularly cliched plots. (See the video below.) "Two of the nation's top ornithologists were murdered yesterday," intones a somber general at the trailers' beginning. "It's your mission to infiltrate enemy territory and rescue the eggs they left behind." The hero is then introduced to the "secret weapon the government has been developing for years" — a slingshot — and unleashed as a killing machine. But when he learns that decimating birds and pigs is not all it seems, he finds himself at a moral crossroads. 
The reaction:
This is "the most brilliant satirical short I've seen in a long time," says Roy Wood at Wired. "If you're a fan of the Angry Birds game or just appreciate razor-sharp satire of Hollywood action movies," it's worth checking out. Sure, this looks like a Hollywood blockbuster, says Christopher Rosen at Movieline. But it lacks a couple of signature Bay touches: "Where are the explosions? And the American flags waving in slow motion?" This could have been even more over the top. Watch the fake "Angry Birds" trailer: