The video: Arizona State wrestler Anthony Robles just won the NCAA Division I championship in the 125-pound class, and was named the tournament's outstanding wrestler... and he did it all without a right leg. (See the video below.) Robles — who defeated defending champ Matt McDonough, 7-1 — was born with only a left leg. The national championship caps a perfect 30-0 season and, by choice, his wrestling career. Next challenge? Motivational speaker.
The reaction: "If I had only one leg, I would use it as an excuse to play video games all day," says Anthony Schneck at Ology. But that's why I'm not a champ and Robles is. This was truly a "Ridiculous Feat of Strength and Daring." Plus, it's "a feel-good story" that definitely "changes the perceptions of what it means to have a physical disability," says Tony Gervino at The New York Times. Still, some wresters gripe that missing a leg is actually a weight advantage, since Robles' "massive upper torso" would otherwise put him in the 180-pound class. Um, I'm no wrestling expert, says Lindsay Mannering at The Stir, "but I've got to instinctively assume that a missing leg is a disadvantage." Watch the video: