The video: Putting a cavalcade of rumors to rest, Steve Jobs finally revealed the iPad 2 yesterday. Along with it, Jobs also introduced an "mind-blowing" new case that attaches to the tablet with magnets, automatically turns the iPad on and off when it's opened and closed, and can be folded up to create a nifty stand. Naturally the attention-getting cover — priced at $39 for the plastic version and $69 for the leather — is available in a Apple-esque rainbow of colors. Watch a video demonstration, below.
The reaction: The new cover is "amazing," says Matt Stopera at BuzzFeed. It's "probably the only reason you should get an iPad." It's certainly "clever," says Charlie White at Mashable. But "it doesn't seem to offer a lot of protection from dropping." This is going to sound strange to Western audiences, says Akky Akimoto at Asiajin, but in Japan the new case was quickly likened to the bath tub lids that Japanese families use to keep bathwater (which is shared by the whole family) warm. Take a look at the new case in action, below: