The video: A 10-year-old Canadian singing sensation with a soulful voice, preternatural poise, and tens of thousands of YouTube hits is being hailed as the "next Justin Bieber." Like Bieber, a fellow Canuck, young Heather Russell was "discovered" via viral videos and promptly attracted the attention of the music industry's big wigs. Bieber was mentored by Usher, while Russell is reportedly working with Grammy-winning producer Rob Fusari, who worked on Lady Gaga's Fame. Does this mean she'll soon have legions of fans, magazine covers, and a 3D documentary of her own?
The reaction: She might be the next Justin Bieber in terms of his "internet-propelled, viral video success," says Megan Gibson at Time. But not, clearly, "in terms of his legions of screaming tween girl fans." Yes, and watching her videos, I don't so much see a Bieber-in-the-making so much as a "young Mariah Carey," says Radell Smith at Examiner. She has the "same soulful sound that propelled Carey to the top of the music charts." Indeed, with her "seasoned, mature" voice, it's "hard to believe" she's only 10, says Sunnychanel at Babble. Listen for yourself: