The video: The indignities never stop for Broadway's most troubled musical, "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." Last week, the show received a critical drubbing and was slapped with two safety violations. Then "Saturday Night Live" piled on with a satirical commercial for a fictional law firm representing audience members who've sustained injuries while watching the accident-prone production. In the ad, Fred Armisen plays a personal injury lawyer for the firm "Gublin and Green," (a riff on the name of Spider-Man's Green Goblin villain), who urges audience members to sue if they were injured, hated the songs or simply couldn't follow the plot: "Do not waste a moment! Call me today!"
The reaction:
This is "one of the funniest spoofs of the problematic musical to date," says The Huffington Post. Not quite, says Ryan McGee at Hitfix. The brief sketch was "inconsequential," but at least it didn't "overstay its welcome." Spider-Man publicist Rick Miramontez, as quoted by USA Today, stoically said that "the Spider-Man team thought the mock commercial was really funny and continues to be flattered by all the attention." Watch the mock-ad for yourself: