The image: Lady Gaga has snagged the cover of Vogue's American edition for the first time — and her "weird" new look is challenging the blogosphere. Eschewing meat bikinis and architectural headgear, a seemingly eyebrow-less Gaga wears a severe pink Louise Brooks-style wig and bruise-colored purple lipstick. In the accompanying interview, Gaga cops to writing her latest song in "ten fucking minutes," adding that Elton John told her it was the "gayest song ever." The pop star also tells Vogue that she is "quite down to earth for such an eccentric person."
The reaction: While Lady Gaga's devoted Little Monsters are sure to "gush" about her latest reinvention on the March issue, says Osoblog, we don't like it. "She looks like an alien." Though "it is nice to see her wearing actual clothes." C'mon, says Daniel Haim at Bloginity. "This is one of the prettiest spreads we have ever seen of Lady Gaga." Classy and stylish, it's "so vibrant, so 2012." Stare down Gaga for yourself: