The videos: Now that AT&T has to share custody of the coveted iPhone with Verizon, the rival carriers are battling for customers through a series of barbed TV commercials. First, a Verizon ad threw some snark at AT&T's reputation for dropped calls, panning over an iPhone as a voice-over intones: "It's beautiful. It's intelligent — even genius. But does your network work?" AT&T responded briskly, releasing an ad last Friday that derides Verizon's inability to handle a voice call and web-surfing at the same time. Demand for the new Verizon iPhone has been so great that the company had to halt pre-orders after one day. But nevermind sales numbers: Who's winning the ad wars?
The reaction:
AT&T is "still holding on" to its talk-and-surf feature, says Gary Stephens at Grab Geek Points. But "while it is a cool function, I would rather have better quality on my network so I can actually make and receive phone calls. [Otherwise]... what's the point?" Perhaps the real winner here is Apple, says Andrew Berg at Wireless Week. "With Verizon Wireless and AT&T fighting over iPhone customers, Apple didn't even have to create a commercial of its own." Watch both commercials below: