The video: The team operating the HiRISE Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a spacecraft that takes exploratory pictures of the Red Planet, decided to enliven footage of their latest photographs by adding some harmonious world music. HiRISE's newest high-resolution images highlight aspects of Mars' terrain including "sinuous ridges," a "happy face Swiss cheese" (a formation that looks like a sunken, smiling visage), and an enormous elliptical impact crater. The pictures have been cut together to create a 'groovy' video (see below) over a musical mélange reminiscent of Rubber Soul that features tabla drums, a sitar, and a jaunty flute accompaniment.
The reaction:
"Who knew that the folks at NASA  were so cool?" says Steven Hodson in The Inquisitr. This video is just "beautiful." Yes, it's a "groovy tour" with plenty of eye candy, says John Roach at MSNBC. And Charlie Jane Anders at Io9 advises viewers to let "the surreal shapes of Mars' terrain mix with the slinky tunes to trip you out." Watch the guided tour of Mars: