The video: The controversial miniseries "The Kennedys," which had been dropped by The History Channel and passed over by a multitude of cable networks, finally found a home on the little-watched ReelzChannel last week. The series, produced by Joel Surnow, the conservative creator of the popular show "24," will premiere on April 3. Now that the film has found a channel to air it, a full preview has emerged (watch below). The new trailer, featuring Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, encapsulates the film's narrative, from JFK's rise to prominence to his 1963 assassination.
The reaction
: Watching the preview, it becomes "a bit clearer" why "The Kennedys" was passed over by so many networks, says Willa Paskin at New York. Simply put, the the clip "will make your ears bleed." While it's hard to tell from these snippets just how the material will be dramatized, every actor "ought to have [his image] slapped up in the Bad Boston Accent Hall of Fame." Ted Casablanca at E! concurs that the trailer is "painful," partly because Holmes looks "nothing like Jackie O." But Jeff Labrecque at Entertainment Weekly says that the casting is spot-on; Tom Wilkinson shines as Joe Kennedy Sr., and "Katie Holmes has the same deceptive strength beneath a brittle facade that I associate with Jackie." Watch the preview for "The Kennedys":