The video: "Call of Duty," the mega-selling video game franchise, has become such a touchstone in the gaming world that it's spawned its own parody. The "cheeky" team at People Can Fly, a video game studio that previously poked fun at the Halo franchise, has released a 10-to-15-minute mini-game titled Duty Calls, hyped as the "most epically epic game of all time." A marketing ploy for another upcoming action title, Duty Calls targets many standard first-person shooter motifs (see trailer, below). The recorded instructions, for instance, combine boilerplate with nonsense: "Blah blah blah blah secret base... Blah blah blah counting on you. Utmost importance. Win. Good luck." Duty Calls is available as a free download at
The reaction:
"All in all, says Adam Rosenberg at, this is a smart way for People Can Fly to promote its upcoming real game, "Bulletstorm" —  "a clever bit of marketing that is well worth taking a look at if you've got any familiarity with the current landscape of first-person shooters." But I think the parody is "kind of childish more than anything else," says Paul Tassi at Forbes. "Yes, it’s Advertising 101 that when competing against the best, you’re supposed to attack them, but this kind of comes off as desperate." Watch the preview for Duty Calls: