The product: Frozen-pizza maker DiGiorno has likely pleased America's glutton demographic by announcing, via Facebook, that your supermarket's frozen food section is about to get "delicious new combinations" of pizza and cookie dough and pizza and chicken "wyngz," each pairing packaged in the same box. (See it up close)
The reaction:
This "unholy marriage of pizza, cookies, and chicken" has just one flaw, says Paula Forbes in Eater: "There doesn't seem to be an option to get all three items together."  Actually, says Ben Popken in The Consumerist, I see another flaw in this "watershed moment in American obesity." Where is the "side of lard dipping sauce?" Snark away, says Kat Hannaford in Gizmodo, but you know the pizza-cookie combo will be an "orgasmic culinary sensation." Please, protests April Peveteaux in The Stir. I understand "we can't all cook up homemade dinners from fresh, local, organic ingredients" all the time, but this makes it too easy for us to "keep stuffing our faces" with artery-clogging junk. "At least make unhealthy eaters work for their so-called 'food.'" And "please save your dignity, America, and do not eat 'wyngz.'" Here's a preview of the new packaging: