The product: In this age of ever-shrinking gadgets, a bulky cellphone is considered hopelessly unhip. One perverse British company seeks to change that with its new "Brick" iPhone case (see image below), which transforms Apple's sleek gadget into a retro accessory straight out of Oliver Stone's Wall Street. The Brick is the opposite of convenient, says The Telegraph. That's beside the point, says Wojtek Kolan, founder of Thumbs Up, which produces the supersized case: "There is nothing more iconic than Gordon Gekko" and his mobile status symbol. Thumbs Up plans to charge around $20 for the Brick, which goes on sale in April and is compatible with the iPhone 3, 3GS, and 4.
The reaction: Yes, "this seriously awesome case" lets you feel like Michael Douglas's titan of finance, says Matt Ho at Trend Hunter — only "with a better phone." We've already seen iPod boomboxes and iPad arcade cabinets, says Raggy Jin at Mobile Mag; it seems that "Apple has officially — albeit inadvertently — caused the spin-off return of the '80s." But it's too bad the designers failed to use that extra room to incorporate an external battery pack. That "could have given the iPhone a week of talk time." Check out the retro Brick iPhone case: