The video: Angry Birds, the blockbuster mobile-phone game that boasts over 75 million downloads so far, is heading to Hollywood. Rovio, the small Finnish company behind the smash hit, announced on Friday that it will develop "Angry Birds Rio," a new version of its bird-flinging game (view a preview below) as part of the marketing plan for Rio, an upcoming animated feature from 20th Century Fox. The film, an animal-kingdom love story about "a macaw named Blu, who leaves his native Minnesota for Rio when he meets Jewel, the bird of his dreams," features the voices of Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, and George Lopez and hits theaters April 15.
The reaction: "The Birds have been on a tear of late," says Ina Fried at All Things D, with an imminent Valentine's Day update and an animated TV series in the works. But while this movie tie-in will give "new hope to app builders everywhere," says Lydia Leavitt at TG Daily, it's also possible that "the franchise will simply oversaturate the market and implode by the time the movie is ready." Watch a preview of the new "Angry Birds Rio" game: