The video: When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced in November that Anne Hathaway and James Franco would host the 83rd Academy Awards, skeptics questioned the decision. Claude Brodesser-Akner at New York wondered whether the two stars, neither renowned for comedy, could "carry a four-hour show that is dependent on witty, spontaneous moments to break up the never-ending, hyper-earnest acceptance speeches." In a new video clip that may quell such doubts, Franco and Hathaway are shown physically training for their Feb. 27 Oscar gig a la Rocky, and prepping for the risks of "wardrobe malfunctions." (View below.)
The reaction
: This "kinda fun" preview is "surprisingly promising," says Richard Lawson at Gawker. Though "mostly it's satisfying to watch Anne Hathaway be tackled." This gets me "excited" about the Oscars, says Mandi Bierly at Entertainment Weekly, and "curious what [the two stars'] playful energy will yield." Gabrielle Dunn at Moviefone says that Franco and Hathaway together are simply adorable. The video "hints at a dynamic hosting pair so cute, we want to pinch both their cheeks!" Watch the Oscar hosts prepare for their big night: