The video: Video game maker Rockstar Games — responsible for the controversial Grand Theft Auto series — has released a new trailer for L.A. Noire, a highly anticipated retro-crime game set for a May 17 release. (Watch below.) The producers used thousands of archival photos to painstakingly recreate 1947 Los Angeles (first glimpsed in this teaser trailer) and employed new "MotionScan" technology to achieve the company's most realistic game yet. With Noire, Rockstar is looking to repeat or surpass the success of last year's award-winning Red Dead Redemption, another period piece that inserts players into the Old West.
The reaction:
Rockstar Games has been criticized for taking too long to develop L.A. Noire, says Tom Goldman in The Escapist, but, from the looks of the trailer, it will "be worth the wait." The trailer shows protagonist Cole Phelps — that's you, gamer — "investigating a never-before-seen serial killer case," say the editors of Computer and Video Games, "and there are hints at some fairly grisly scenes." Possibly too grisly, says Gerard Campbell at the New Zealand edition of Stuff. The characters in this "stunning" game look "uncannily human" to the point where the game is almost disturbing, given the violence. Video games are fantasies, so as the technology advances, they may "run the risk of getting too realistic in their depiction of humans." Watch the trailer below: