The video: Oscar-nominated actor Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock," The Departed), who has dropped hints about his political ambitions in the past, says in an episode of CNN's "Parker Spitzer" airing on Wednesday that he is "very, very interested" in running for public office. Baldwin, who has a record of liberal political activism and regularly blogs for The Huffington Post, tells host Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor, that the country is lacking leaders who "really haven't lost sight of what the middle class" needs. "We've had men who are Ivy League–groomed running this country since 1988... and the problems aren't getting solved." Are we likely to see the television star on the campaign trail anytime soon? (Watch a clip from "Parker Spitzer," below.)
The reaction: Baldwin's "flirtation" with this idea is real, but there are plenty of obstacles in his way, says Patrick Gavin in Politico. "He loves acting and his current state of New York is flooded with established political players." As Spitzer noted, says Dan Amira in New York, Baldwin's "anti-elitist" rhetoric makes him sound like Sarah Palin. If he's really going to run, he should work on his sales pitch. "Ditch the elitists, get with the multimillionaire Hollywood celebrity" might not fly with middle America.   See for yourself: