The video: Internet sensation Antoine Dodson continues to pop up in expected places. In August, a video of Dodson giving an impassioned TV interview after chasing a rapist from his sister's bedroom went viral, going on to inspire a popular Auto-Tune remix, a political ad, and a dog's Halloween costume, among other things. Now, students at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, an Evangelical Christian school, have remixed Dodson's rant in an entirely different style. Led by their excitable director, the Vision Ministries choir sings "Carol of the Bed Intruder." (View below.)
The reaction:
It's "beautiful," says Matt Stopera at BuzzFeed. It's also a pretty strange combination, says Mike Pomranz at Comedy Central. "Nothing goes together like Christmas, the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world, and songs about attempted rape." Yes, "somewhere Jerry Falwell is rolling over in his grave," says Daniel Nester in the Times Union. But, it's a "great Christmas carol," possibly even "the greatest." Watch the video: