The photos: After Prince William tapped A-list fashion photographer Mario Testino for his official engagement portrait with fiancée Kate Middleton, the royal couple has released two of the photos, one more casual, the other relatively formal (see below). "They are in their prime and brimming with happiness," said Testino, who took some of the most memorable photos of the prince's mother, Princess Diana.
The reaction:
Prince William and Kate are both "formal" and "fun-loving," says Christine Fenno in PopEater, and "Testino has captured them beautifully." They "look genuinely in love," and Kate reportedly even did her own makeup. They do, indeed, look like "an ordinary young couple," says Roger Tooth in The Guardian, and that's absurd. The "pleasant enough" casual shot has an air of "arch informality" and "feels so 1980s," but it's the "weak, more formal" one really fails. The future king should have urged Testino to go for "some sort of postmodernism," or hired a stiffer photographer for a portrait that says, "Yes we are part of a privileged elite and no we're not just like you." See both images here: