The video: Mel Gibson himself was saying "my career is over" last July, after the actor/director was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and several offensive phone recordings of Gibson ranting at her were posted online. Given the scandal, critics questioned the fate of an upcoming Gibson vehicle, The Beaver, in which he plays "a hopelessly depressed individual" who turns to a beaver puppet to help him win back his estranged wife. Now a trailer for the dramedy — directed by and co-starring Jodie Foster (a noted Gibson supporter) — has debuted, and commentators are debating if Gibson's career isn't so "over" after all.
The reaction: "All of the promises made about Gibson's standout performance appear not to be in vain," says Dan Mecca in The Film Stage. It's not that simple, says Mike Vilensky in New York. Yes, "the trailer's somewhat promising if you're into family dramas where the main character ultimately triumphs over his own demons." But "the formulaic, super-sentimental Beaver" may not be enough to distract Gibson-watchers who prefer "celebrity dramas." Watch the trailer: