The video: With the alcohol/caffeine cocktail Four Loko on the brink of extinction, adventurous tipplers are looking for new ways to get a booze buzz. (See video below.) Enter Cream, a brand of alcohol-infused whipped cream that combines the familiar comforts of dessert with the powerful punch of a Long Island Iced Tea. The product, which is "flying off the shelves" according to The Boston Herald, packs a whopping 15 to 18 percent alcohol content, making a single serving equivalent to three beers or more. Whipahol, an offering from rival Whipped Lightning, is 36.5 proof.
The reaction:
"Why don't people just drink bourbon anymore?" asks Alex Balk at The Awl, instead of contriving such ridiculous ways to get drunk. "No wonder this country is falling apart." Reports that college students are abusing these products is clearly concerning, says Kim Conte at The Stir, but, "as a mature consumer," I can think of few desserts that wouldn't be "greatly enhanced...especially when I read about all the toothsome flavors including German Chocolate, Spiced Vanilla, and Tropical Passion." Watch a local news report about the trend: