The video: British regulators have banned a "sexually provocative" perfume commercial featuring Beyonce from daytime TV, deeming it too bootylicious for younger viewers. (View the 60-second ad below.) The singer's "body movements" and the "shots of her dress slipping away" make the ad "unsuitable," said Britain's Advertising Standards Authority. The clip will no longer be shown before 7:30 p.m.
The reaction:
"The standards body has a point," says Steve Hall at AdRants. Her dress is "unbuttoned to her waist" and her body is "almost fully exposed." This explicitly sexual come-on isn't "the type of message that's appropriate for everyone." Who wants to read about this debate? asks Mof Gimmers at Hecklerspray. In fact, "you've already skipped to the video," haven't you? "We could say anything we liked here." Watch the banned video here: