The controversy: Just a week after her husband weighed in on Lil Wayne's release from jail, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken the glamorous Kardashian sisters of reality-TV fame to task. In a radio interview with a pair of Australian comedians, Clinton agreed that the fame-obsessed siblings exemplify what's wrong with American pop-culture. "If you look at American TV as much of the rest of the world does," said Clinton, "you would think we all went around wrestling and wearing bikinis." The former Presidential candidate advised Australians to "make some connections" with actual Americans instead of embracing a "reality TV version of America."
The reaction:
"Heads up, Kardashian sisters," says Christina Wilkie at The Hill. "One of the planet's most powerful women has your number, and she's not a fan." Clinton didn't just "dispel some unrealistic notions of American life" with regards to the Kardashians, says Andrew Quinn at Reuters. She also held forth amusingly on the "diplomacy of barbecues" and "gravy-flavored potato chips." Anyone would think our Secretary of State is on her way to becoming a stand-up comedian, says Glen Levy at Time. "As if it needed saying, Hillary Clinton will be here all week."