The video: Fed up with Facebook "cheapening" the "sacred thing" that is friendship, comedian Jimmy Kimmel is fighting back. On Friday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," he declared November 17 "National UnFriend Day" and urged viewers to use that day to whittle down their Facebook friends and "cut out some of the friend fat" in their lives. "Do you remember five years ago when no one was on Facebook and you didn't know what the guy in high school biology was having for lunch?" he asked. "Let's go back to that."
The reaction:
"Either Kimmel is completely misunderstanding the purpose of Facebook or he's just doing this to capitalize on the media frenzy over all things Facebook," says Anthony Nicolau at Death and Taxes. While I share his hatred for the way people use the social networking site "as an online diary of useless narcissism, he is forgetting that Facebook can be anything you want it to be." And there are practical matters, says The Uber Review blog. "Sorting the fat from the meat could be quite a lot of work and is so much tougher than ignoring." Oh c'mon, he's right, and this is a "brilliant" idea, says Megan Gibson at Time. "If all Facebook users take the day seriously, we might just find ourselves back in a simpler, happier time." Watch Kimmel's plea: