The video: On Thursday, MTV premiered the video for LCD Soundsystem's new single "Pow Pow," a moody clip starring Up in the Air's Anna Kendrick as a sultry party-hopper "who goes around collecting souls of powerful villains." (Watch it below.) The expensive production, directed by Training Day screenwriter David Ayer, was jointly produced by MTV and the pop-culture magazine MEAN, who have banded together to help attract unique directors back to music videos, once a common way to launch a film career. Could this herald a return to video-centric programming for MTV?
The reaction
: This is "the kind of esoteric-but-expensive-looking clip you used to see all the time on MTV but haven't in years," says Kyle Buchanan at New York. Evidently, "MTV likes music videos once more," concurs Russ Fischer at Slashfilm, but in this case, "it is a shame the story aspect doesn't really pop." More such videos are on the way, though; an MTV higher-up says that "Obviously, the better this one does, the more likely we'll be doing lots of them, but we're already planning the next few." Watch the video for "Pow Pow":