The video: Proposition 19, the groundbreaking California measure to legalize marijuana, has been a notoriously polarizing initiative — even within the community of pot activists. Many who led the fight to legalize medical marijuana — including Ryan Landers, a 15-year HIV/AIDS survivor and patients right advocate — have taken a stand against Prop 19. One problem Landers cites with the measure is that it would prevent medical marijuana users from consuming the drug in public. "This isn't a good law," he says.
The reaction: Medical marijuana advocates who "oppose this historic and important measure" are "shortsighted," says David Borden in The Huffington Post. "Legalization will bring more opportunities for everyone in the industry, including the current medical marijuana providers." Unfortunately, that's not true, says Dragonfly De La Luz at KALW News. Prop 19 "reverses many of the freedoms marijuana consumers currently enjoy, pushes growers out of the commercial market, paves the way for the corporatization of cannabis, and creates new prohibitions where there are none now." Watch a video about Landers' opposition: