The video: The company that made "Googling" common parlance for searching the internet is facing an "intriguing" new competitor. Launching today, independent search site Blekko promises to filter out spam results (with help from human editors) and let users focus potentially sprawling searches through the use of "slash tags." (Watch a demonstration video below.) For instance, typing "global warming/conservative" into Blekko will compile results on the subject of climate change from Right-leaning sites. "The goal is to clean up web search," company founder and CEO Rich Skrenta told The New York Times. But will Blekko be good enough to lure away users from Google or Bing?
The reaction:
"Should Google be worried? Hardly," says Alex Salkever at Daily Finance. Still, I'll be curious "to see if Skrenta's theory that... human-guided search results" prove more accurate. It's potentially a great alternative for journalists, librarians and other hard-core researchers, says Rafe Needleman at CNET. It may convince some users that Google searches let in too much junk — which will, of course, only prompt Google to become "more Blekko-like." Watch a video about Blekko:


blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.