The video: As Halloween approaches, a YouTube video demonstrating a uniquely violent way to carve a pumpkin face is going viral. (See clip below.) "Forget everything you've ever learned about how to carve a jack-o'-lantern," says producer and star "Hickok45," who then pulls out a .40 caliber Glock and opens fire on a hollowed-out pumpkin, blasting out a nose, two eyes, and finally a ghoulish grin. Watch the video to the end for a glimpse of his creation/victim illuminated at night.
The reaction:
This is one "hilarious video tutorial," say the editors of The Huffington Post. Carving the pumpkin has always been one of the most enjoyable Halloween traditions, but Hickok45's method is "way more exciting." It's also the most efficient way to make a jack-o'-lantern you'll ever see, says Brian Barrett at Gizmodo. Halloween may come just one day a year, says a commenter at, but "I'm pretty sure every day is terrifying with this guy." Watch the clip: