The video: Kazazh filmmaker Erkin Rakishev — who believes that Sacha Baron Cohen's hit 2006 movie, Borat, cast a negative light on his homeland — is making an unauthorized sequel to "show the real Kazakhstan." (Watch an on-set interview below.) His upcoming film, My Brother, Borat, will tell the story of an American named John who comes to visit the post-Soviet nation after seeing Cohen's movie and gets a tour from Borat's brother, Bilo. "The skyscrapers, the parks," says Rakishev, "this is what we want to show the international public."
The reaction:
This seems misguided, says Jon Bershad at Mediaite. "Nothing shows how advanced you are as a society like showing that your feelings are still hurt over a comedy that came out four years ago." This revenge-minded sequel is bound to be terrible and funny in ways it doesn't mean to be, says Josh Tyler at Cinema Blend. "Ironically the fact that [Rakishev seems] to think we care about whether they have skyscrapers sort of lends credence to Borat's portrayal of the country as backward and clueless." Besides, notes Rodney at The Movie Blog. "[Borat] did far more to insult the American public than it did the Kazakhs." Watch footage from the film in a discussion with the director below: