The video: The perils of live TV were illustrated to excruciating effect this week when Sarah Murdoch, host of "Australia's Next Top Model," announced the wrong final result. (Watch below.) Two minutes after she had mistakenly crowned Kelsey Martinovich the contest's winner, Murdoch — daughter-in-law of media mogul Rupert, and herself a former model — realized her error and was forced to make a humiliating retraction. Martinovich will receive $25,000 compensation for the flub, which some Australian critics are calling a publicity stunt.
The reaction:
To watch this clip, says Hannah Lawrence at, is to "feel the discomfort of a bear trap on your head." One thing's for sure: "This would so never happen to Tyra." Murdoch's goof, says Lacey Rose at Forbes, is guaranteed to make you wince, but it's also grounds for dismissal: "If Murdoch didn't have that whole nepotism thing going for her, I'd say her days as a TV host were numbered." Watch the video here: