The video: A Cincinnati, OH, mother could face up to 11 years in jail after police discovered a cell phone video of her 2-year-old daughter smoking what appears to be marijuana. Prosecutors say Jessica Gamble gave the toddler the pot, and videotaped the incident. Someone she showed the clip alerted authorities. The 21-year-old mom now faces a string of charges, including corruption with drugs and childhood endangerment. "It is unbelievable to watch on video a mother teaching her 2-year-old child how to smoke a joint," Hamilton Country Prosecutor Joe Deters tells WLWT news. "There are just some people who should never have children."
The reaction: This video is just "disturbing," says Paula Berstein in Babble. "Let’s hope this poor kid has other responsible adults in her life." What makes this even more troubling, says Julie Ryan Evans at Cafe Mom, is that Gamble was so diligent about this alleged pot-smoking lesson that she recorded it on her cell phone. Now, "that is your brain on drugs." Watch the video below: